Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities we have included are not exhaustive, but rather a selection/sample of those we prioritize, and have been assigned to the entity best positioned to deliver on that aspect of academic advising.


  • Engage early and often with Professional Academic Advisors, Faculty Advisors, and the Student Support Network
  • Come prepared to advising sessions with questions and updates on progress
  • Be open about how they are doing and what they need to be successful
  • Complete any action items or recommendations assigned to them in a timely manner
  • Become familiar with requirements, regulations, and deadlines for their degree or program
  • Explore and clarify their values, skills, and abilities, as well as their personal, academic, and professional goals
  • Find opportunities to get involved and build connections with peers and the campus community
  • Regularly review their Academic Requirements Report (ARR)
  • Accept ultimate responsibility for their decisions, academic performance, course selection, educational pathway, and graduation timeline


  • Referrals, wayfinding, student support triage, and where to seek advising
  • Decision making, goal setting, and self-authorship
  • Course registration
  • Advising tools and resources
  • Holds and to-do list items
  • Enrollment policies, processes, and related forms
  • Academic standing and Academic Probation
  • Graduation requirements
  • General Education advising
  • Transitional support, holistic needs, and overcoming barriers to academic success
  • Fostering belonging and connectedness
  • Major and minor exploration for both open and selective programs
  • Major and minor declaration for open programs
  • Transfer and test credit
  • Retention and reenrollment
  • Academic related interventions (alerts, referrals, and progress reports)
  • Enhanced advising for California Promise
  • Enhanced advising for equity and identity based programs
  • Eligibility advising for Student-Athletes
  • Coordinate New Student Advising & Registration
  • Coordinate Summer Bridge


  • Major and minor advising
  • Internships
  • Undergraduate research
  • Relevant co-curricular opportunities
  • Career and graduate school mentorship
  • Major and minor declaration for selective programs
  • Graduation requirements
  • Course content