Advising & Transfer Center

Purpose Statement

The Advising & Transfer Center plays a key role in assisting students to thrive and persist toward on-time graduation. Our team of Professional Academic Advisors provide holistic, proactive, and meaningful academic advising and individualized educational pathways to engage students in their learning experiences and promote self-authorship. We also offer curricular and co-curricular transitions programming specifically for transfer students.

Scope of Support

The Advising & Transfer Center provides direct or complimentary support to the following undergraduate student populations:

  • Undeclared students
  • Students declared and/or interested in the School of Social Sciences
    Lower-division (0-59 units completed), all majors
  • Students declared and/or interested in the School of Science & Technology
    Lower-division (0-59 units completed), all majors
  • Students declared and/or interested in the School of Arts & Humanities
    Lower-division (0-59 units completed), all majors except for Hutchins
  • Student-Athletes
  • Transfer students
    From Orientation through their first semester at Sonoma State University
  • Students participating in the California Promise Program
    From Orientation through graduation

* Students in specialized populations are supported via their relevant support program. For more information, please check-out Where to Seek Advising.

Areas of Focus

Within our scope of support, the Advising & Transfer Center focuses our services in the following areas:

  • Fostering belonging and connectedness
  • General Education
  • Enrollment policies, processes, and related forms
  • Major / minor exploration for both open and selective programs
  • Major / minor declaration for open programs
  • Course registration
  • Advising tools and resources
  • Transfer and test credit
  • Academic standing and Academic Probation
  • Retention and reenrollment
  • Holds and to-do list items
  • Referrals, wayfinding, and where to seek advising
  • Decision making, goal setting, and self-authorship
  • Progress Reports
  • Academic related interventions (alerts and referrals from LoboConnect or the CARE Team)
  • Student support triage
  • Transitional and holistic needs
  • Overcoming barriers to academic success