Advising & Transfer Center

Purpose Statement

The Advising & Transfer Center plays a key role in assisting undergraduate students to persist toward on-time graduation. Our team of Professional Academic Advisors provide general advising that is holistic, proactive, and meaningful. We engage students in their learning experiences. We empower decision-making, goal-setting, and self-authorship. We also offer co-curricular programming specifically for transfer students.

Scope of Support

Our team of Professional Academic Advisors provide general advising from New Student Advising & Registration through graduation to all current, general-population undergraduates who are not part of a designated special program or population and/or who do not already have an assigned Program Coordinator and/or Professional Academic Advisor within their academic program, department, or school. We focus on general advising and defer all major advising to Faculty Advisors.

Additionally, we provide general advising and eligibility advising to NCAA Student-Athletes.

For students in a designated special program or population, or who are in an academic program, department, or school with an assigned Program Coordinator and/or Professional Academic Advisor, you will receive tailored support from your specific program, department, or school. For more information, please check-out Where to Seek Advising.