Guide to the Student Profile

Overview area

The Overview is the main screen of the Student Profile. The Overview area is organized into several different sections. The top gray box, also known as the 30-Second Overview, offers faculty and staff the opportunity to gather a basic understanding or "gut check" on the student's academic performance to date.

The data includes course performance (number of Ds and Fs, number of repeated courses, and number of withdrawn courses), number of success marker notifications (note: no success markers are currently in LoboConnect), Cumulative GPA, credit performance (number of credits earned, percentage of credits completed vs. attempted), and the student's Predicted Concern (calculated by a predictive model). By clicking on any of the downward facing arrows or hovering over any of the dotted lines in the 30-Second Overview you can learn more about that particular piece of data such as Insitutional GPA (by hovering over cumulative GPA) or Internal and External Credits (by hovering over Total Credits Earned).

Basic information such as the student's ID(s), classification year, most recent enrollment, and declared major are also listed in the Overview tab. When available, the tab shows the student's assigned advisor (if assigned in PeopleSoft).

The Categories section includes a list of select groups that have been brought over from PeopleSoft. Categories are used to further understand the students's attributes and potential needs, and often includes academic as well as non-academic information. Graduation Candidates, minors and entering cohorts are also included as categories.

On the right side of the Student Profile, staff and faculty can find additional general information about the student (such as their age and contact information) and take action within the plaform. Depending on permissions, this can include actions such as scheduling an appointment for the student, adding doumentation to the student profile, adding the student to a watch list, or issuing an alert on the student.

Staff Alerts box

The Staff Alerts box allows you to perform a variety of actions on the student whose profile you are viewing. Actions you are able to take may vary based on your permission level.

  1. Message Student- This action allows you to send an email to the student
  2. Add a Note on this Student- This action allows you to add a note on this student. A Note is a way to add information about the student versus information about a student interaction. 
  3. Add a Reminder to this Student- Reminders can be used to track next steps for the staff member, to follow up on pertient information shared during an appointment, or to reconnect with a student at a more appropriate time.
  4. Report on Appointment- This action is used to report on a interaction such as a drop in or appointment with a student. Learn more about Appointment Summaries
  5. Schedule an Appointment-This action takes you directly to a grid to schedule an appointment with the student. Learn more about Scheduling an Appointment
  6. Add to Watch List- This action allows you to add the student to a watch list used for tracking. Learn more about Watch Lists
  7. Issue an Alert- This action allows you to issue an alert or referral about the student. Learn more about Alerts

Other functionalities

  • Success Progress-Shows  GPA and credit by terms trends
  • History-Shows all previous appointments through LoboConnect
  • Class Info- Shows the students classes this term and details about previous terms in a single screen
  • More- Provides access to the student's calendar, upcoming appointments, conversations (emails sent from LoboConnect to the student)