Creating and Updating Student List

What is a Watch List?

A Watch List is a static list of students. You can use Watch Lists in a variety of ways, from maintaining a list of students to track over time, to sending messages to issuing referrals/alerts.

Creating a Watch List

There are several ways to create a Watch List or add students to a Watch List.

Option 1-Create Watch List or add students through Advanced Search

Navigate to Advanced Search and find a population of students through the filters. Once the list of students has populated, select all students you wish to add to the Watch List by selecting the gray box next to their name, or by selecting the entire list by clicking on the gray “All” box. After selecting your students, click on the Actions menu:

  1. Select “Watch” at the bottom of the list.
  2. You may either add students to an existing Watch List or you may select “Create New List”
  3. Once you name your list, click Save. You have saved a static list of students that will not change over time unless you make changes to the list.

Option 2- Upload Watch List from a list of Student IDs

You can also upload a list of students into the platform from Excel to create Watch Lists. The Excel file must be in a Comma Separated Values (.csv) format before it can be uploaded to LoboConnect.

  1. Open LoboConnect
  2. Navigate to the Lists and Searches icon on the left sidebar
  3. In the “Actions” menu of Watch Lists, select “Upload Watch List"


4. Create a new Watch List or add the students in your list to an existing Watch List.

5.Select the file and upload it.

6. Choose the column that represents Student ID and then finish the import.

Note: You must ensure that the column containing the Student IDs in the .csv file is expanded (i.e., the column must be wide enough to display the entire ID), or the system cannot read it correctly.

Option 3- Add Students to Watch List from Student Profile

One the right-hand side of the student profile page in Navigate, use the Actions box to select the “Add to Watch List” button.

From here, you can use which Watch List or Watch Lists to add the student to, or you can create a new Watch List and add the student to it.

Accessing a Previously Created Watch List

Once you have created a Watch List, there are several areas within Navigate you may access them:

1. Staff Home Page

By clicking on “Assigned Students,” you will be able to select from any of your saved searches or Watch Lists to display on your home screen instead of the default lists of Assigned Students.

2. Lists and Searches icon

Your Watch Lists and Saved Searches also have their own icon. You can find it under the left hand Navigation Menu as “Lists and Searches”:

In the Lists and Searches page, you may access your saved searches and Watch Lists. Additionally, you may upload new lists from this page as well. You can open an existing Watch List by clicking the Watch List name.


After opening a Watch List, you can modify, delete, or save a different version of the Watch List.

3. Advanced Search

Under the “Student Information” drawer, you may select one or more Watch Lists as a search filter to help you narrow down your results:

Removing Students from a Watch List

 On the Lists and Searches click on the name of the List you wish to edit.  From this screen you can also delete the entire List from the “Actions” menu.

To remove student(s) from the list. Select the gray box next to the student(s) name. Click on the “Actions” menu and select “Remove from Watch List.”