How to Schedule and Manage Appointments

Scheduling an Appointment with an Individual Student

  • Open a student profile
  • Click Schedule an Appointment from the right side sidebar

  • The Schedule Appointment Screen appears

  • Select the Care Unit, select the Location (for Faculty select the academic department and for staff select the appropriate office), and Service (Appointment Reason) from the left side filters

  • Select the organizer for the appointment. This will most likely be you, but if you have the ability to schedule for others, you will see other potential organizers. Once you select an organizer, a grid showing available dates and times will appear. The grid shows all possible appointments based on the availabilities for the Service in the week that corresponds to the date selected in the Select a Date calendar in the filters section. If you do not choose an appointment length, it will default to 30 minutes, adjust the time using the length drop down.

Note: If you have your Google calendar synced it will also show up on the grid. The areas marked conflicts are conflicts for either you or the student you are scheduling with. You can adjust the availablities shown on the grid by choosing a different option from the Availabilities drop-down menu. Note that if you unlock non-available or conflicted times, this may cause schedule conflicts for you.

  • Select what reminders you need to be sent to who from the Reminders section of the filters. You can either send email or text reminders to the organizer (usually the staff/faculty)and the non-organizer (the student attendee) of the appointment.

  • Once you have set the appointment details, click Save Appointment to create the appointment. It will be added to the organizer's calendar and a notication will be sent to the student's email from LoboConnect/Navigate on your behalf.

You can also access the Schedule Appointment screen from other locations in Navigate Staff. It is available in the Actions Menu for your assigned students. Schedule Appointment also appears in the Actions Menu for Watch Lists, Advanced Search, Professor Home, the Calendar (as Add Calendar Event) and some Navigate Reports. Clicking on it will take you to the Schedule Apppointment screen to follow the actions above.

Cancelling a Scheduled Appointment

There are a few ways to cancel an appointment

Method 1:

  • Select the Appointments button on your Staff Home.
  • In the upcoming appointments area select the box next to the appointment you wish to cancel

  • From the actions menu select Cancel Appointment
  • A cancel upcoming appointment box will appear. Use the drop down options to choose from a list of Cancellation reasons

Method 2:

  • Using your Calendar button on your Staff you can access your calendar of appointments
  • Find the appointment on the calendar that you wish to cancel and click on the appointment
  • A Manage Appointment box will appear. Select Cancel Appointment

  • A cancel upcoming appointment box will appear. Use the drop down options to choose from a list of Cancellation reasons.