LoboConnect Lingo: Common Terms in LoboConnect

Common Terms
Term Explanation
Advanced Search LoboConnect querying tool to generate a list of students based on certain criteria.
Alert Like a referral, can be positive and/or preventative.
Appointment Campaigns Refers to a push to get students to come in for an appointment. Campaigns have a defined timeline, goals and target a specific population.
Appointment Summary Report Similar to Peoplesoft Advisor Notes. Appointment Summary Reports document an interaction with a student such as an appointment, phone conversation, drop ins.
Availability Time a faculty or staff member sets to meet with students. Availability can be set for drop ins, appointments and/or campaigns.
Care Unit An ecosystem of services.
Categories Student groups from PeopleSoft visible in LoboConnect. For example: EOP, entering Cohort group, Athletes,
Coordinated Care Network A network to support students from enrollment to graduation. The Coordinated Care Network (CCN) is made up of campus stakeholders and support offices.
Drop ins Also referred to as a walk in. This is when a student arrives at a service location without an appointment
EAB The company which developed LoboConnect
Notes An area within LoboConnect which can be used to record a general record not associated with a specific meeting. There is the ability to designate who the note is shared with. Examples of notes: prefered names/pronouns, preferred phone numbers.
Progress Reports LoboConnect's early warning system. Short responses completed by faculty to guide proactive outreach to students.
Student Scheduler This is the student facing interface where students sign up for an appointment based on availability which has been set by the advisor. 
Watch List A group of students that can be created by the user.