Issuing an Alert or Referral

Alerts are LoboConnect's referral system, and they help connect students who may benefit from additional assistance to the Coordinated Care Network. Issuing an alert either provides an automated nudge to the student or generates a case which is managed by the department the case is assigned to. Access to alerts is based on your user role permission.

Reminder: If you have a concern about the student which is more confidential or immediate in nature please complete a Student of Concern Report with the CARE Team. If a student appears to be in imminent danger of harming self or others please call University Police at 707-664-4444 or call 911.

Why Issue an Alert in LoboConnect?

  • Alerts automatically nudge students that faculty have concerns about their performance
  • Cases are assigned to the relevant department which minimizes the need to search for the correct departmental contact
  • Help students connect to the support they need faster
  • Track the result of the referral (The faculty/staff that completes the referral will be notified once the case has been closed)
  • LoboConnect Alerts help centralize referrals for the assigned office

Alert Grid:

Please use the Alert Grid below to learn about the referrals you can make in LoboConnect. For the process column, note that:

  • Nudge = message that is sent directly to the student

  • Creates Case = a case is opened and assigned to a professional advisor. The advisor will reach out to the student to provide resources and interventions to support the student to get back on track.

Alert Name Who can I issue this alert about? When to issue this alert? Process What to include in the comment section? Who is this alert managed by?
Alert: Missing Assignments Any undergraduate student A student in your class has not turned in many assignments and is at risk of failure if continued Nudge & Creates Case How many assignments have been missed and when/if the student stopped submitting things altogether Student Success & Retention
Alert: Low Scores Any undergraduate student A student is turning in assignments but is receiving poor grades Nudge Estimated current grade, if applicable Student Success & Retention
Alert: Attendance Concern Any undergraduate student A student is missing class sporadically or is showing up well after the start time regularly Nudge Attendance pattern observed Student Success & Retention
Alert: Not Prepared/Participating in Class Any undergraduate student A student seems disengaged from class and you are concerned there may be something broader going on. Nudge & Creates Case Any detail on what you have noticed (please note that if you have immediate concerns, the CARE Team Process noted above is preferred) Student Success & Retention
Referral: Career Center Any undergraduate student

If the student needs assistance with Career Exploration, Job/Internship Search, Interview Support or Graduate School Advising please issue an alert in LoboConnect. All resume/cover letter needs should be directed to drop in hours (Mon-Thur 10am-4pm)

Creates Case What type of support is need from the Career Center, student's interest area, any other relevant information The Career Center
Referral: Financial Aid (Reviewed SAP/LOP appeal with student) Any student who needs to complete an SAP/LOP appeal When you have reviewed and signed a Lack of Progress Appeal with a student or you are working with a student but not ready to sign off on appeal Creates Case Please specify if you signed off on the appeal, or if you worked on the appeal but did not sign off on it yet Financial Aid Office
Referral: Interest in Study Away Any undergraduate student When the student has expressed interest in Study Away. Study Away includes studying abroad or National Student Exchange Creates Case Please include specific information mentioned by the student including where and when they are interested in studying away, and other relevant information such as course needed and graduation date Global Engagement Coordinator
Referral: The Advising & Transfer Center Undeclared students, student-athletes, Pre-Nursing students, students with less than 60 units in the following majors: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, GEP Student in this population who needs to meet with a Professional Academic Advisor Creates Case Please specify the reason for the referral The Advising Center
Referral: MESA All undergraduate students MESA is an academic support program for Science and Technology students. Please make a referral if the student is interested in becoming a MESA member, needs tutoring or academic support (MESA tutoring/STEMbytes) or existing MESA student of concern. Application period for fall: Beginning of the semester (Aug.-Sept. 5) and end of the semester (Nov. 1-Dec. 6) Creates Case Please specify the reason for the referral Christina Thao, MESA
Referral: Educational Opportunity Program Any student with the category "EOP Students" If working with an EOP student regarding any issue that needs further follow up by their EOP Academic Advisor Creates Case List the specific issue or concern that the alert is being issued for EOP
Referral: Writing Center Any student, any grade level Any student who has a writing task (can be academic or non-academic). The Writing Center also supports creative writing. Creates Case Please specify the reason for the referral. Please include specific information mentioned by the student. Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC)
Referral: Tutorial Program Any student Tutorial Program offers subject specific tutoring. Please issue this referral when a student needs support in a particular subject. Creates Case Please specify the subject of the course and any information mentioned by the student Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC)
Referral: GWAR requirement (WEPT/WIC) Any student, particularly students of Junior standing or above If the student needs any support around the GWAR requirement (ie: student has failed the exam, student does not know whether to take WEPT or WIC, student needs support in fulfilling GWAR requirement) Creates Case Please specify the reason for the referral. Please include specific information mentioned by the student. Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC)


Issuing an Alert:

The most common way to issue an Alert is the ad hoc method which allows you to issue an alert on a student at anytime throughout the platform, including your staff or professor homepage, Advanced Search, or a student's profile page.

  • To issue an alert from your staff or professor homepage, select "Issue an Alert" from the Actions menu on the top right of your screen. This dialogue box will then prompt you to search for the student you wish to issue an alert for.

  • To issue an alert from a list of students, check the box next to the student's name and select "Issue Alert" from the right-hand action menu as seen in the screenshot below.

In addition, you can issue an alert from the student's profile page. Navigate to the student's profile and select "Issue an Alert" from the right-hand side action menu as seen in the screenshot below.

Selecting "Issue an Alert" will open the alerts dialogue box.

Use the Alert Grid to help you complete the Issue an Alert dialogue box. While completing the alert you will be asked to answer the following questions:

  • Alert Reason: Select at least one alert reason to issue this alert. Each Alert Reason chosen will open a separate case for the student
  • Association with Specific Course: You may choose to associate this alert with a specific course in which the student is currently enrolled. You can only select one course. This field is optional but may be helpful for referrals related to tutoring.
  • Additional Comments: Use the alerts grid to assist in completing this section. 

Alert Notification:

If a case was opened, you will receive a notification once the case associated with the alert is closed.

Students will receive notifications on alerts opened, detailing the class and alert reason. Students will not receive notifications on referrals, however they may receive additional communication from the department which manages the referral.