Using the Advanced Search

The Advanced Search is LoboConnect’s querying tool. It is used to generate lists of students based on a various search parameters.  The Advanced Search functionality is not meant to be a historical search. The Advanced Search allows you to export your results to a csv file.

How to access the Advanced Search?

From the home screen choose the magnifying glass icon on the left side navigation panel

Understanding the Advanced Search Criteria

Note: Depending on your level of access some of the drawers or filters within them may not be available to you as you build your queries

Filter Drawers Overview:

Each of the drop down filter areas are called filter drawers.

  1. Student Information: Use this group of filter to search for students by personal identifying information, such as name, student ID, transfer status or a watch list you have created. The categories feature can also be used to search for minors, graduate candidates, entering cohorts, and select student groups.
  2. Enrollment History: Use this area to filter by terms. It is recommended that you select an enrollment term when conducting any search
  3. Area of Study: Combine elements of this filter to search for students based on area of studym including college affiliation, degree, concentration, or major.
  4. Performance Data: Search using these filters to segment student groups by GPA, credits earned, and hours attempted.
  5. Term Data: Select conditions within this group of filters to run a search for students using information associated with a specific term.
  6. Course Data: Utilize this group of filters to query student based on courses, section, and status.
  7. Assigned To: Enter information into fields in this bucket to pull lists of students assigned to specific advisors or team members.
  8. Success Indicators: Run a search using these filters to identify students based on their predicted concern level. Searching by Success Markers is not available at this time.

Categories Overview:

  • Students have been grouped into cohort categories based on the semester they started classes at Sonoma State and their full-time (FT) or part-time (PT) status. First time freshmen (FTF) and Transfer students are put in separate cohorts. For example for Fall 2018 there are 4 categories: FTF FT Fall 2018, FTF PT Fall 2018, Transfer FT Fall 2018 & Transfer PT Fall 2018
  • Minors have been added to LoboConnect as categories which allows searching for majors. The drop down category list includes all minors
  • Categories including: Athletes, EOP Students, International Students, PUERTA Students and Seawolf Scholars have integrated from Peoplesoft. Lists are accurate as long as the groups (categories) are being maintained in Peoplesoft
  • Graduate Candidates are placed into term based categories if they have applied for graduation for a given term (ie: Grad Candidate-Fall 2019 (GC2197)

How to Use a List Generated by Advanced Search:

Once you have generated the list of students that you want based on your search criteria you can perform many actions from the Actions menu including: Send Message, Create an Appointment Summary, Schedule Appointment, write a Note, Issue an Alert, add student to a Watch List, Export Results.

To perform these actions:

  1. Click on the Actions menu which is underneath the blue “Search” box

     2. Select an Action from the “Actions” menu


How to Save an Advanced Search:

If you plan to run this search with the same criteria it may be beneficial to save the search.

To save a search:

  1. Click on the “Save” gray square button next to “Unsaved

     2.Enter a name to Save the Search and click “Save Search