Ryan Walsh

Professional Academic Advisor

Ryan Walsh
he / him / his


Schulz 1125A


General Advising @ Advising & Transfer Center


B.A. in Political Science | University of California, Davis

B.A. in History | University of California, Davis

M.A. in Counselor Education | Clemson University

M.A. in English | Sonoma State University (in-progress)

Personal Advising Philosophy

My advising approach is one that:

  • Believes in each student’s right to fully explore their full potential; unfettered by any societal boundaries, internal self-doubts, or outside constraints, as they navigate the unchartered waters of their personal, academic, and holistic dreams.
  • Supports each student in where they are at - making sure to provide resources and options, while ultimately letting the student make their own informed decisions.
  • Encourages each student to find the right motivation needed in order to fuel their academic passions, while making sure to balance their overall wellness.