Seawolf Scheduler

The Seawolf Scheduler is an interactive online tool that can assist students in building the perfect class schedule. By using various filters, students are able to easily select preferred classes, block-off breaks or extracurricular commitments, and let the Seawolf Scheduler do the work for them; promptly identifying all the possible schedule permutations. From there, students are able to compare schedules, select their favorite, and send that schedule to their shopping cart to finalize registration. When utilized, the Seawolf Scheduler saves time, improves the likelihood of securing the ideal schedule, enables students to take more units, and promotes the pursuit of the previously elusive four-year degree. Note: when launched, the Seawolf Scheduler opens in a separate internet tab and often is blocked as a pop-up. This can be addressed by allowing the pop-up to show if prompted with the option, or by changing your browser settings.

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