The Advising & Transfer Center

What to know before visiting

Welcome back Seawolves! Your team in the Advising & Transfer Center cannot wait to have you back and to have your back as you return to your studies, realize your aspirations, and make the most of your educational experiences. Here are a few things to make note of before booking your first appointment of the semester:

  • We are currently open for both in-person and remote/online appointments. When scheduling your appointment, you can select the modality that works best for you!
  • Scheduling an appointment has never been easier! We recommend you (in order):
  • When visiting in person, please make sure to:
    • Bring your SSU student ID card for quick and easy check-in;
    • Wear a face mask, which will be required for the length of the visit; and
    • Provide proof of your completed Daily Wellness Screening

Out of town? Experiencing any COVID-related symptoms? Slept through your alarm and don’t want to sprint across campus? Call us and we’d be happy to change your appointment to remote/online!

Purpose Statement

The Advising & Transfer Center plays a key role in assisting students to thrive and persist toward on-time graduation. Our team of Professional Academic Advisors provide holistic, proactive, and meaningful academic advising and individualized educational pathways to engage students in their learning experiences and promote self-authorship. We also offer curricular and co-curricular transitions programming specifically for transfer students.

Scope of Support

The Advising & Transfer Center provides direct or complimentary support to the following undergraduate student populations:

* Students in specialized populations are supported via their relevant support program (e.g., EOP, DSS, CAASE, PUERTA, DREAM Center, Seawolf Scholars, etc.)

  • Undeclared students
  • Students declared and/or interested in the School of Social Sciences
    Lower-division (0-59 units completed), all majors
  • Students declared and/or interested in the School of Science & Technology
    Lower-division (0-59 units completed), all majors
  • Students declared and/or interested in the School of Arts & Humanities
    Lower-division (0-59 units completed), all majors except for Hutchins
  • Students declared and/or interested in Pre-Human Development and Pre-Nursing
  • Student-Athletes
  • Transfer students
    From Orientation through their first semester at Sonoma State University
  • Graduating students
    From Senior-standing (90+ units completed) through graduation
  • Students seeking reinstatement
    Either from Academic Disqualification or a lapse in enrollment
  • Students participating in the California Promise Program
    From Orientation through graduation
  • Military-Connected students
  • All students for General Education