Videos and Resources

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Videos for Students

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Other Resources for Students

Resources for Staff & Faculty

Cronin, C., & Markin, M. (Hosts). [Audio Podcast]. Adventures in Advising. NACADA.

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Recent Policy & Process Changes

  • GE changes for Spring 2021 for first-time, first-year students who entered SSU prior to Fall 2019.​ Students may now utilize any lower or upper-division GE area D course to satisfy their GE sub-area D1-D5 requirements. Students will still need to complete the U.S. Constitution, and California State & Local Government requirements with courses or their equivalents approved in these areas. Additionally, students may utilize any lower or upper-division GE area C course to satisfy their GE sub-area C3 requirement. Questions? Contact your Professional Advisor or Faculty Advisor.
  • Updated Teaching Modes for Spring 2021. Teaching Modes have been updated for Spring 2021. Learn more about the five options here! You can now also filter for these when searching for classes.