Remote Advising

Though we may be remote, staying connected has never been more important. Your Faculty Advisors and/or Professional Academic Advisors are excited to hear from you! Whether by Zoom, Hangout, telephone, text, or email - we look forward to working together to ensure every student has access to the academic advising and support needed for on-time graduation and an outstanding educational experience.

The Advising & Transfer Center

The Advising & Transfer Center is currently offering remote appointments via Zoom. To schedule an appointment, please use LoboConnect or email your Professional Academic Advisor. You may also contact their front-desk at 707-664-2730 or Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops, webinars, and group-advising sessions.

Center for Academic Access and Student Enrichment (CAASE)

CAASE will be offering remote advising drop ins and appointments throughout the Fall 2020 semester via Zoom, Monday through Friday during office hours, 8:00am - 5:00pm. Students can contact their respective department for more information:

Disability Services for Students (DSS)

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)


Seawolf Scholars (SWS)

The School of Arts & Humanities

The School of Arts & Humanities is offering a variety of ways for students to stay connected:

Administrative Coordinators and Professional Staff
Administrative Coordinators and other professional-staff are hosting drop-in office hours via Zoom, Monday through Friday, 2:00pm - 3:00pm. During these times, these folks are available to help with questions about department specific procedures; department forms and paperwork; department contact information and referrals; and general department information. Additionally, even though they are remote, all professional-staff in The School of Arts & Humanities are available via email to help with your school/department questions. Contact information for the drop-in office hours is available on the Departments & Programs website.

Donna Garbesi
Donna Garbesi, the “generalist” Professional Academic Advisor for the School of Arts & Humanities is available remotely to answer questions. Donna can help with your Academic Requirements Report (ARR); university requirements, procedures, and rules; etc. For more information, visit the Academic Advising webpage for the School of Arts & Humanities. You may reach Donna at 707-664-2492 or

Faculty Advisors
Faculty Advisors in the School of Arts & Humanities are available for remote major advising during the Fall 2020 semester. To schedule an appointment via Zoom or by telephone, email your Faculty Advisor. Contact information for Faculty Advisors is available on each department website.

The School of Business & Economics

To be announced.

The School of Education

To be announced.

The School of Science & Technology

To be announced.

The School of Social Sciences

To be announced.