Derek Bradley

Professional Academic Advisor

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Derek Bradley

Specializes In

Lower-division declared students in the School of Social Sciences


B.A. in Philosophy, minor in Sociology | Sonoma State University

M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership | Sacramento State University (in progress)

Personal Advising Philosophy

Advising goes beyond simply ensuring students complete all academic requirements. It is helping students achieve their full potential and meeting students where they are. I help students develop into well-rounded individuals by assisting their development of competence, purpose, and independence. This requires a collaborative relationship based on mutual respect and trust. As the landscape of higher education shifts, I encounter an increasingly diverse student body with unique needs and situated at different stages of their personal development. My goal is to build a positive relationship with students and help guide them toward a major of interest, student organizations, and activities for their needs and goals. The ultimate goal is not only to enhance the student’s academic experience, but also ensure their development as a person. I strive to help students understand and accept themselves by empowering them to uncover their strengths and teaching them to use those strengths to achieve success. I want to help instill a confidence that they can not only survive, but thrive in college. I believe students must learn that they are in control of their academic future by being an active participant in the learning process.